Two Distinct Services. One United Church.

We offer two different worship services every Sunday at Adirondack Community Church. Our traditional service follows a more formal style and features music on our organ, while our contemporary service is more casual and features worship music led by the ACC Band. Both services include an inspiring message that we hope you'll find relevant to your life.

No matter what service you choose to attend - you're guaranteed to find friendly folks who are ready to welcome you into our faith community with open arms. 

kids Always welcome.

Do you have kids? So do we. Lots of them. In fact, young families with small children make up a majority of our congregation. So don't worry if your child cries during the service (or runs up onto the platform in the middle of the message). We're used to it - and we welcome the interruptions.

Each Sunday during our Contemporary Family Service we also offer special programming designed specifically for kids. Arise Kid's Church meets during a portion of this service and is filled with fun, age appropriate activities and teaching that allow our children to enjoy church too.  

loving god. loving others.

Adirondack Community Church is a part of the Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. We believe that Jesus is God's son and that life is most fully experienced when lived in relationship with Him. We are a group of Christ followers who desire to see all become Disciples of Jesus Christ so that our world might be transformed by His love.  

meet our Staff

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  • Pastor

    Rev. Derek hansen

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  • preaching & Discipleship


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  • Worship Leader

    John Pillen

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  • Recording Organist

    Joey Izzo

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